Back on WordPress Again!

Hey Folks,

after a long experience on my once favored CMS MODx I returned to WordPress.

You are curios why? Well I really loved MODx because of its flexibility and its enormous potential to quickly integrate PHP Code as a very modular plugin.

I still got some Evolution Codebases running for some of my clients, but I really never installed Revolution for any of my clients.

Maybe you have read one of my older posts, where I talked about porting my Blog to Revolution. It sure was no easy task, and the performance at the end was frustrating.

Installing plugins was now made through a totally buggy package transport system etc.


Then today I ported all my websites from a Shared Hosting to a vServer and also “tried” to update MODx Revolution to its newest version 2.1.3. Well the task did cost me more than an hour, some serious headaches and quite some coffees.

MODx did not finish the update correctly, by NOT altering some tables. The result was a broken installation, which could not be reverted.

After replaying my backup I tried the whole routine again, cause I read in … that it was maybe some issue with the MySQL user privileges.

Well this post did not change a thing. Same error in the log files:


Unknown column ‘modUser.hash_class’ in ‘field list’

Alright, now another post led me to the issue, that it could be something with wrong CHMOD prefs.

I set all the directories and files to 777 and reinstalled again. Et voilá, …. still nothing, but the error changed, hooray.

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method modX::getUserDocGroups()


Well what is this?! A fatal error in a fresh install? Luckily MODx own bugtracker had this one filed under : Bug #5451

The best part is “The solution” :

– uninstall Wayfinder (2.1.3 at the time of revo 2.0.8)
– redownload it as “new package” as package manager does not(!) recognize the newer package (says “no updates for wayfinder”)
– install Wayfinder 2.3.1

Wow super, I got a broken install here and I should change something in the OLD UNBROKEN VERSION! Seriously guys?

Not that it was impossible to revert the whole install again and then change the Wayfinder setting, but after nearly 2 hours I just had enough. I haven’t yet installed the system and the errors were not stopping. My crystal ball tells me that there are more problems coming up …

So long MODx, we had a fair time together.


For all you guys that still want to continue I made some “shownotes” to dig further.