Whats going on at Yahoo Sponsored Search? Yahoo Ads showing on Google?

Recently I made a new campaign using the german Yahoo! Sponsored Search.

What I did expect is the Ad to be delivered on de.search.yahoo.com as well as on bing.com, cause this is what the Search Alliance is all about.

As well all love it on Yahoo, the Ads cannot be blocked from showing on weird third-party sites, who Yahoo! thinks are interesting for my campaign. Google allows the restriction to only Google Search.

Have a look at the screenshot and see what I mean. Do you think the campaign I’m running on Yahoo! is interesting for customers on erkaltung.com (German for common cold) AND consultdomain.de? And why on earth is my site showing on buzzdock.com although the campaign is targeted for Germany? Probably, we will never know …


Yahoo! Sponsored Search Metrics
Yahoo! Sponsored Search Metrics

However, what confused me the most is that Google.de is showing as a URL where the Ad got delivered. I do know about the Yahoo-Google Advertising Agreement, but I thought this only means that Ads from Google can get delievered on Yahoo! not the other way round?

Does this mean that I can place the over-long ads from Yahoo! on Google Search?

Post a comment under this post if you got any idea why this is happening.

– Arne