Progress on Wunderlist for Blackberry …

Hey Guys,

just wanted to keep you up to date, that the Wunderlist project for Blackberry has not been droppped.

Currently I am facing major issues in deploying the application the Blackberry. It seems to me like the CodeSigning-Servers from RIM are still not really working as they should.

Only 1 out of 10 signing attempts works in my virtual machine and I currently resigned to develop further using my Virtual Machine.

Only 1 out of 10 attempts can complete the request to the signing servers
Only 1 out of 10 attempts can complete the request to the signing servers

In November I will be getting my new Windows 7 Machine and will restart working on this project. Till then it has to be freezed, cause at the moment it is the pure HORROR to develop for Blackberry.

Why do I have to sign an application that I want to run on my own phone, and why is it only possible to work under Windows. RIM I am telling you, if you make it so hard for developers you will definitely loose you place in the market.

Hopefully development will go easier on my Windows Machine in November. I will keep you guys up to date.


Best Regards,


Using Wunderlist with RIM Blackberry

Maybe some of you are using Wunderlist on OS X or on any other supported platform.

So am I, and I can just say that I love it since it is free, and is very good for implementing GTD.

My last GTD tool, iGTD has really gotten a bit old, since its Sync options are totally weird. Syncing with my iCal and then syncing to my Blackberry Bold 9780 never really worked. Sometimes I got the appointments and tasks twice, sometimes they were in the wrong calender and so on …

Wundelist does a great job, but it is still lacking of Blackberry support. Since I love Blackberry and certainly don’t wanna move to an iPhone or even pay for it, I decided to develop my own App that runs on Blackberry and can sync my Wunderlist data.


Until now, only the roadmap has been set, but it is fairly straight-forward. If you wanna download the plugin already … well you are quite to early. But check back later, or catch my RSS and you will be informed when the plugin is ready. You can also post a comment to this post, and I will eMail you when it is ready.

For all you interested guys, here is how the plugin will work:

  • Syncing the wunderlist.db via Dropbox
  • Reading the wunderlist.db via native HTML5 database support
  • Blackberry integration via PhoneGap

There are quite some steps to go, but the proof of concept has already been done. In the first version that I will be releasing next week, the plugin can only read data from the wunderlist.db. In later versions you will be able to make new notes to your Inbox.

Implementing the whole category, tag aso. stuff will never be implemented by me, cause I think this functionality does the trick when you are on your mobile. The organization of the tasks can still be done @ home.