Switched from BlackBerry to Android – Sorry to all you BlackBerry guys …

Hey Folks,

recently I changed my mobile from ye olde BlackBerry 9780 to the brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

First of all, the mobile is totally awesome and so far I only had positve experiences. No crashes, perfect app-integration and the OS runs very smoothly.

Sadly this means for you, who waited for the Wunderlist for BlackBerry App, that I am not doing anymore development for BlackBerry.

Hope the guys at Wunderkinder are making good progress on their native app and make it available to everyone out there soon.


– Arne

Progress on Wunderlist for Blackberry …

Hey Guys,

just wanted to keep you up to date, that the Wunderlist project for Blackberry has not been droppped.

Currently I am facing major issues in deploying the application the Blackberry. It seems to me like the CodeSigning-Servers from RIM are still not really working as they should.

Only 1 out of 10 signing attempts works in my virtual machine and I currently resigned to develop further using my Virtual Machine.

Only 1 out of 10 attempts can complete the request to the signing servers
Only 1 out of 10 attempts can complete the request to the signing servers

In November I will be getting my new Windows 7 Machine and will restart working on this project. Till then it has to be freezed, cause at the moment it is the pure HORROR to develop for Blackberry.

Why do I have to sign an application that I want to run on my own phone, and why is it only possible to work under Windows. RIM I am telling you, if you make it so hard for developers you will definitely loose you place in the market.

Hopefully development will go easier on my Windows Machine in November. I will keep you guys up to date.


Best Regards,