Welcome to MODx Revolution

Codetactics now runs on the new MODx Revolution, for the fast-clicking people, this is where you can get it:

MODx Revolution Download – from modxcms.com

Beeing a modx developer for about a year now and having the pleasure to realize several projects on ‘ye olde’ MODx Evo 1.x, I noticed that now is the time to finally switch to the new MODx Revolution

My decision was based on the fact that the MODx-Team finally released a Release Candidate for the new Revolution, which clearly meant that there will be no major changes in the future.

At first I thought it would be very easy to switch, but some major changes are made in MODx Revolution, which requires even experienced Evolution users to start right away.

Luckily the Documentation has is not that long and you can quickstart after a short read of about 30 minutes, very acceptable for a complex PHP CMF application framework such as MODx Revolution

Hopefully my experiences will be as rewarding as they have been with the old Evolution branch, we will see …